San Pellegrino Hard Seltzer


November 2020



Packaging Design


The San Pellegrino hard seltzer packaging is a concept that explores the extension of the global brand into the alcohol market. With the alcoholic beverage doubling in sales from 2019 to 2020, there is massive opportunity for the brand to tap into the new market. The design explores innovative ways to engage a younger demographic through enhancing their drinking experience.

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Packaging Label

The label design looked to combine a contemporary approach through the lens of San Pellegrino’s heritage. Using vintage Italian posters as inspiration for the graphics, many of the traditional pictures of summer holidays and Italian motifs (like the architecture and coastal cities) were incorporated into the design in a modernised aesthetic.


Carry Box

The 4-pack carry box makes the beverage easier to enjoy on the go. The design incorporates a 3-finger hole for simple handling. The bottles are secured in place by the coasters and can be removed by flipping open the box.

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Spotify Playlist

In order to enhance the consumer experience, the secondary packaging design introduced a custom playlist to listen to while drinking the specific flavour of San Pellegrino Hard Seltzer. 


By simply scanning the Spotify playlist located on the top of the carry box, the consumers can access and enjoy some nice tunes while they sit in the park, beach or party. 

SP-Image 6.jpg


Many outdoor locations do not always make for the best environments to leave your drink sitting on uneven ground. The new packaging considers this problem and has incorporated removable coasters within the carry box.

The coasters also serve to enhance consumers shared experience through several different trivia questions printed on base. The purpose is to stimulate quirky, funny, or interesting conversations between drinkers in order to enrich the time spent drinking San Pellegrino products.

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