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December 2019



Uni capstone project

Develop a physical product that makes car camping easier and more comfortable. The design should fufil a need in the market and add value to the customer’s experience.


The LiteTape is a versatile lighting product that addresses the issue of performing activities at night by providing users with different area lights to suit their needs. It aims to assist outdoor camping groups create a better living environment after dark. The LiteTape is designed for weekend campers who want to efficiently light up their living, cooking and dining spaces in a simple way.



A number of sources were researched to develop a better knowledge and understanding of the camping industry and the people that engage in car camping activities.

IDN3002_Design Book (6)3.jpg
IDN3002_Design Book (6)4.jpg


Laser cut plywood and foam were used to develop a better understanding of overall form. This allowed me to better conceptualisation of the shape in a quick and easy way, while focusing on favourite sketches to understand them in a proper context.

IDN3002_Design Book (6)5.jpg
IDN3002_Design Book (6)7.jpg
IDN3002_Design Book (6)8.jpg
IDN3002_Design Book (6)9.jpg
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